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May 30 14 10:56 AM

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I had to abandon couponing last semester and it was horrible. My stock pile ran out and now I am on a mission to build it back up again. I offically have one more year of school and then I will be a nurse :). I was pretty excited about the deals I got at Target today. It was nice to brush the dust off. 

4 California Kitchen Pizzas $10.98 after bogo sale
- 2 $1.50/1 mq and $1.50/2 tq
=$6.48 or $1.62 a pizza

Finish $3.99 (17 ct)
- $2.00 mq and $1.00 tq
= $.99 (I broke down and bought a dishwasher this winter so I would cook more at home. Best decision ever!)

2 Hormel hot chili with no beans $3.00
- $.55/2 mq and tq
$1.90 or $.95 each
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Jun 3 14 8:53 PM

Great haul! Congrats on the dishwasher! My house was built in 1901, when no one cares about giving the ladies big kitchens. Mine is only 8 feet by 8.5 feet, with that we have to jam a fridge, stove top, sink... and have to leave enough space for the exterior door to swing in so we can get in/out the house. No room left whatsoever for a dish washer... What a nightmare! I love to cook but always waste so much time doing and drying dishes... :(

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Jun 4 14 8:28 PM

My house is so old they don't know when it was built. I have two small 12 inch x 12 inch sections of counter tops. I had to give one of those up for my countertop dishwasher. I have a flat top glass stove where I do most of my prep now. Totally worth it, I hate dishes!!

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